The Encore Program

Retirement...Now What? 

It's Time To Create a Life You Love, Guaranteed.

THE ENCORE PROGRAM What's the rest of your life worth to you? If you're struggling to figure out what to do after you retire, consider enrolling in The Encore Program. The Encore Program is an experience guaranteed to help you design the life you want—one where your knowledge, talents, and passion converge in the “sweet spot” of a life you love. You’ll receive a solid plan, a community to rely on as you transition to your best life, and ongoing resources for years to come.  

Start building a life you love. Schedule a free call with one of Encore's founders and let's talk candidly about whether the Encore Program is a good fit for you. 


The BIG question: What is your purpose after retirement? 

Your next 20 or 30 years are FULL of untapped opportunities for you. 

But, according to research, here's what happens to MILLIONS of people just like you who have no detailed retirement transition plan or struggle with their new identity as a "retiree:" they suddenly take a long, hard look at where they are and realize they don't know what to do next.  

  • They don't want to feel bored, irrelevant, no longer needed, or simply isolated after retirement...but they often slip into feeling this way. 
  • They experience a 40% increased risk of depression. 
  • They experience a 60% increased chance of being diagnosed with a serious illness.

Our program founders conducted interviews with over 100 Baby Boomers revealed that all of us have a deep desire for: 

  • "A community of people who really understand me and fully support what I want to do during this phase of my life"  
  • "A clear process: a roadmap that helps me structure my life to get exactly what I want, not what anyone else THINKS I should want or should do" 
  • "Ongoing resources that give me the support and the methods to re-invent my life as I choose"  

That's why we created The Encore Program for you.

The Encore Program


The Encore Program is a six-month experience in which a supportive group of 25-30 participants design and test their own life change options to create "retirement years" that are meaningful and satisfying.  

The 2019 Encore Program includes the following elements, proven to get you where you want to go after you retire:  

  • Six months of expert guidance from our core group of trained coaches and consultants
  • Monthly professional coaching from our core leadership group to help you design your IDEAL life after retirement
  • Two fun and focused, deep-dive live summits with your fellow participants  
  • Small- and large-group learning experiences 
  • Your own private virtual community with your fellow participants to receive support and encouragement over the course of the twelve month program and beyond 
  • One-on-one strategic planning sessions with your coaching team to help you put your new life phase into action!
  • Individual, scientifically-proven assessments that provide deep insights to your your personal motivations, behaviors, unique blind spots, and opportunities  

Be creative, discover who you are, and use proven life design principles over the next six months to shape exactly what you need AND want after retirement.  


Think your life is over after retirement? One year can change everything. Here's how it works:  

Your one-on-one coaching and preparation with our leadership team begins three months prior to your first live summit. This begins with a process of personal awareness. The first live summit is five days, during which you will meet your fellow participants in Asheville, North Carolina, and discover more about yourself, learn more about life design and apply those principle to your own life, and start to develop your own focused individual project. Each day will be full of eye-opening insights and activities! Returning home after the first live summit, you will dive into individual coaching with our program founders as well as small group coaching support as you test, redesign, and integrate desired actions and behaviors to help lead you into your idea life after retirement. The second live summit is three days and you'll once again join your (now) tight-knit group of fellow participants in Asheville to focus on launching your re-invented life. You'll continue to receive resources as well as enjoy supportive relationships after the end of your six months in the program.  


The program structure, timing, expert coaching, scientifically-proven testing and peer accountability model all work together to keep each Encore Program participant focused, motivated and supported to build the right life for them


  • LAUNCH: Execute your BOLD Plan™!  
  • CALIBRATE: Modify as needed  
  • EVALUATE: Plan vs. needs  
  • EXPORE: Test assumptions, take action  
  • IDEATE: Freedom and method to consider options  
  • DISCOVER: Uncover your motivaton and what gets in your way


While trailblazing your best life ever with your fellow participants, experience stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

Our 2019 Encore Program program attendees will join together during our two live summits, held in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.  

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NOTE: Our program is limited to 30 spots. Early registration is STRONGLY recommended.

Join us for an unparalleled learning and growing experience. Our team of experts will help you design a life you love in just six months, setting you up for the next few decades of your life. Are YOU ready for your next adventure?  

HOW IT WORKS: Registration for The Encore Program requires an introductory conversation to make sure the program is a good fit for you. Schedule your 45-minute call with one of our founders by <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" data-link-type="external" data-entity-id="">clicking here</a>. If you decide to join the Program, a 50% deposit is required to hold your place (payable by check or credit card). 

Registration for The Encore Program includes:

  • Eight days on site in our program destination (Asheville NC)
  • Twelve individual coaching sessions
  • Six small group coaching sessions
  • Three learning webinars
  • Most meals for live summits
  • Access to the founders: your experts in human development and sustainable change
  • Scientifically proven assessments to evaluate your needs, strengths and opportunities
  • Guidebook with repeatable process for reinvention
  • BOLD Plan™ for living a fulfilling and happy life
  • Membership to an ongoing community to support you along the way (free for one year after graduation)
  • A strategic plan to launch you into your new life

When you complete The Encore Program, we GUARANTEE you will have the tools to change your life ...and have fun along the way! 

Six months will change the rest of your life...guaranteed. 


Who should attend?  

The Encore Program is for people who are considering retirement and who want the next stage of their lives to be dynamic and vibrant. It is also for those who have recently retired and are unhappy with the way their lives are playing out—who want more out of the rest of their lives. We’re looking for people who want to move to their next phase with a clear plan, identified resources and a strong community.  

How many people are included in each Encore Program cohort?  

We’ve limited our program to a maximum of 30 participants so that each participant gets the attention and support they need. Each cohort stays intact for the entire program.  

What is the purpose of coaching in the program?  

The Encore Program employs coaching to ensure success and sustainable change. We want you to have a satisfying experience and result. Some of the benefits of coaching include:  

  • Creates a safe and trusting environment to take risk  
  • Adds accountability  
  • Helps move participants toward their goal achievement  
  • Supports sustainable change  
  • Provides clear and necessary feedback  
  • Assists in achieving greater self-awareness  
  • Provides a broader view and perspective  
  • Challenges limiting beliefs  
  • In addition, research shows that people who receive coaching find the return on investment is 6 times the coaching program cost. (Research by Manchester Consulting Group)  
  • When training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by 86% as compared to 22% with training alone. (Study by Personnel Management Association)  


How much time do I need to set aside for this program?  

Your investment of time will be based on your individual goals and preferences. You should plan to spend a minimum of:  

  • Coaching – approximately two hours per month for six months  
  • Individual work – approximately two - three hours per week  
  • Onsite sessions – eight days  

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?  

Yes! The Encore Program offers a limited money back guarantee for everyone who completes all aspects of the program.  

How do I pay for the program? How much does it cost? Can I pay in in installments?

Participation in the six-month The Encore Program is $6,750. Click here to schedule a free 45-minute call and talk with one of our founders about costs and payment options. 

Are you going to give me a heavy sales pitch on the 45-minute introductory call? 

Absolutely not. This call is the opposite of a sales pitch: it's a candid one-on-one conversation to make sure that our program is a great fit for you. Because the cohort is limited to 30 people, we want to make sure everyone who attends will benefit and see positive results.  

What if I need to cancel?  

Based on individual circumstances, you may be able to attend a future program. However, the program fee is non-refundable.  

Can my spouse or partner attend The Encore Program with me?  

Because this program is an intense individual exploration, we encourage partners to attend separately, and this is an important conversation you may wish to have with your spouse or partner. We understand that change has a significant impact on loved ones. We will include discussion and strategies for navigating relationships while moving through change. During your introductory call, we can discuss your particular situation.  

What others say about working with our expert team...

"Michael is a honest and grounded voice for people looking to take steps forward, not only in their professional lives, but in their personal lives. This is an all-encompassing approach. It will get you to consider yourself from a holistic perspective. Mentally, professionally, and personally." - Shonna, Executive, Innovation  

"My coaching has had great value! Debbie’s questions continually cut through the details of a specific issue or situation to get to the heart of the matter. She continually helped me clarify my thinking about key business issues and improve my personal performance." - Jerry, Director, Financial Planning and Analysis  

"The best overall description of Roxi is framed in words that best translate or choreograph to “transformation.” Roxi Hewertson is a uniquely gifted individual, and more importantly, she is a pivotal change agent in the lives of people (personal and professional). Roxi has an innate and results-oriented competence that can move a person, a relationship, a team, or a company…" - Jill, CEO, Senior Living

“Madelon and her team assisted us in taking a hard look at ourselves and examine the behaviors that were barriers to our success. She encouraged honest dialogue, radical candor, and compassion for ourselves and each other. We moved from stuck to action. Our leadership team has alignment and a clear direction.” - Carrie, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing